I want to customize my jewelry, how do I go about doing it?



I want to customize my jewelry, how do I go about doing it?

This is very easy. All we ask from you is a simple idea of what you have in your mind. Think about what you want it to say when he or she is wearing it, how he or she should look when trying it on. Just tell us what you want your jewelry to be done in e.g. yellow gold, platinum, white gold, and the kind of gems and diamonds you want. One of our clients used the following words to describe his wife's earrings:
"I want something that is very simple, like tear-drops; easy to wear, and looks gorgeous on my wife. She is tall, and has a fair complexion."
This was the only thing we needed to design a marvellous pair of earrings for the lady! And she was thrilled, as the gentleman later told us. But this is not the only way you can tell us how you want your jewelry to be. You can even send us a sketch, drawing, or a link to some web-page you have seen. We can take it from that point onwards. If you need any help on doing this, send our technical expert an e-mail by clicking here.

Your input should be sent to us through either of these two ways:

1. Sending us an email through our free-quotes page, by clicking here, or
2. Sending us an email on designs@neetascreations.com with a detailed description of what you want and/or pictures, scanned images, or the URL of some design that you have seen on another web-page.

Once we have your idea, and you like the idea that we will suggest you by sending emails to you, we will go ahead and start making your design from scratch! We will work on your own unique idea, and send you sketches, drawings, and ideas of what your special piece will look like.Yes, we will make moulds, pour gold into it, and hand-craft your mounting with your special gemstones. Give us a couple of days, and we will send you a brilliant design!. Click here to see a sample image that you will receive in your email as a design-suggestion.




Do you have a web-based Shopping-System?

Would you like your special jewelry to be one of many? Or would you like it done just for you or your special one? This is the same reason we do not have a web-based shopping system. All our designs are unique, and we try as far as possible to avoid making the same jewelry again. Making a web-based shopping system, like many companies today induces one to buy "standard" jewelry at phenominally high prices. By getting to know you better, we can provide you with better designs--designs that suit your lifestyle, or the lifestyle of that special person you want to make the jewelry for (e.g rugged and solid designs for a gentleman with an active lifestyle). You can see our sample-design process to see how you can design your own special jewelry. Click here to view the process. (coming soon)



What kinds of certifications would you provide with my jewelry?

While designing your jewelry, you can mention the certifications you need. For example, if you are designing an engagement ring with a solitaire center-diamond; you can tell us whether you want the diamond to be certified by GIA, IGI etc. All our diamonds come with certifications papers from GIA. If you want them to be certified by some other firm, an extra charge will be applied depending upon the size of the gem, the shipping charges etc. The gold we use is always equal or above 18K in purity. We do not use lower grade gold for jewelry. Our Platinum is 995 parts pure, and any deviations from this are told to you before you decide to give us a go-ahead. Other gem-stones are custom-selected for you per your requirements.

Please remember, we present ourelves to you as an individual. Your requirements come first, so if you have any concerns, or questions, please let us know. We are always willing to help you out!



How do I contact you?

You can contact us through the following means:

1. e-mail (preferable): questions@neetascreations.com
2 sending us a message through our contact-page, by clicking here.
3. sending us a fax on: (313) 672-5911
4. through mail on the following address:
57 Palm Street
Rochester, NY 14615-2925



How long does it take to make my jewelry?

Our return time is one of the fastest in the industry today. From the time you give us a nod for your unique design, it approximately takes 2-4 weeks for your jewelry to reach your doorstep. We do not charge you for shipping!



Do I have to pay shipping charges?

We do not charge you for shipping your jewelry. If you stay in Rochester, NY we will deliver the jewelry to you. Otherwise all jewelry is sent to you via certified, and insured US express mail. Jewelry over $3000 is sent via private courier-services like Fedex®, or UPS®. In any case we will give you the routing/tracking number so you know where your jewelry is!



What if I don't like my customized jewelry once i get it?

Unfortunately, like any customized item, we cannot take it back. But we can, with your consent, make changes to it (free of charge) so that it exactly matches the idea you had in mind. The shipping charges to send it back to us however, will be borne by you. If you stay in Rochester, NY, we can come and pick it up from you!



What kinds of payments do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cash-on-delivery (for Rochester, NY only). We do not accept credit-cards at the moment. Please make checks payable to Neeta's Creations. All the deliveries would be made as soon as we receive the payment.



Do you use simulated/synthetic/lab-created gemstones?

No, we do not use synthetic, simulated, or lab-created gemstones. All our gems are genuine pieces.